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Service and expertise encompasses...

  • Machining of turbine and generator journals on site at steam electric generators
  • On-site machining of fan shaft journals
  • Stud removal of studs and bolts up to 6 inches in diameter
  • Control, intercept and stop valve machining of seat, seat landing and valve bodies
  • Steam journal horizontal joint repair
  • Boiler feed pump machining
  • Crusher and pulverizer machining
  • Nozzle block landing resurfacing and dowel pin repair
  • Collector ring resurfacing
  • Seal strip boring, turning, and profiling
  • Seal strip removal as well as groove machining
  • Bell seal boring and modifications
  • Steam line and piping (cold cutting and weld preparations)
  • Kiln grinding and repair
  • Flange facing to 60 inches
  • Engine, integral reciprocating compressor and compressor align boring, aligning, and journal turning
  • Hydro turbine repairs and machining of wicket gates, bushing bores, wear plates, runner seals and guide bearing journals
  • Machining of motor, pump, and compressor base pads
  • Portable bolt, tap, and drill disintegration

A complete tooling list can be furnished upon request with size and weight of equipment as well as capabilities. Our power requirements are 120, 220, 440 volts AC and air power of 90 psi @ 150 CFM for the explosive conditions of the chemical and petrochemical industries. Our equipment is also broken down into shippable sections for air freight if necessary.

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